Evolution of the species. New features: payment by plate number, customized promotions, fidelity card top-up and now also with fingerprint sensor.

More efficient. More pro.

Fast and secure access with fingerprint

A fingerprint sensor has been installed to enable Backoffice menu and open the banknote compartment by simply placing a finger on the reader.

Innovative contactless “One Touch”

Equipped with Ingenico’s contactless payment system, smartWASH | One Touch allows you to start washing with a single tap on the screen.

New “keyless” cover

On the new smartWASH | One Touch there isn’t longer a key slot for the printer door. In fact, the new front cover, composed of a single element, is more resistant and aesthetically more linear.

Log in with a finger, pay with a touch

Data sheet

SCREEN 12” touch screen with vandal-proof glass
INGENICO DEVICES Contactless, pinpad, card reader
ACCEPTED NOTES € 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 by default (Other currencies accepted)
RECEIPT PRINTER Thermal printer pre-set to print bi-dimensional codes (QR codes and bar codes)
POWER SUPPLY BACK UNIT Featuring super capacitors instead of batteries, it supports frequent and repeated shutdowns. It controls the separate shutdown of peripheral devices (BUSINESS CONTINUITY)
THERMOSTATIC CARD Temperature control by remote and possibility to adjust it
LIGHT AUDIO MOTION SENSOR The card controls lighting, audio, detects movements and presences and checks the LED lighting system through an astronomical clock
UNITÀ CENTRALE Solid state hard disk, CPU Intel i5, ram 4GB
SAFE 8 mm anti-cut steel sheet double safe
DESIGN Upper and lower fireproof polyurethane cover

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