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Are you looking for a smart electric charging service to your customers?
Fortech has the solution for you!

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Allow your customers to pay and enable charging with a dedicated application for your business or network. Ideal for contexts with loyal customers.


Allow users to pay directly from a self service terminal, replicating the same UX as fuel refuelling. Ideal for public areas. 


Manage the charging stations directly from a web portal. The ideal solution for private contexts, hotels or locations where there is an operator who enables or disables charging from the charging stations. 

Too many apps? Pay with a tap!

Fortech allows you to pay for electric charging service directly from a self-service terminal with credit cards, debit cards, Satispay, Google Pay and Apple pay without the need to use a new app or register on web portals.



The multimedial Terminal for Ev Charging and parkings


e-smartOPT is the smart payment terminal that allows managing the service of EV Charging and parkings. It can manage multiple AC & DC charging stations and wallboxes simultaneously.


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The compact terminal for EV Charging


OPTcompact is the innovative compact terminal, only slightly larger than a smartphone, for managing EV recharges. Equipped with a magnetic stripe, chip and contactless reader, the terminal enables all different cashless payments, without any user registration on apps and web portals.


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Your charging stations: always under control

Fortech’s data collection platforms allow you to access all the reporting of your charging points. At any time.

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